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Replace average, nerdy outcast boy with teen heart-throb, replace fiery tempered girl with an ethereal pixie, replace masculine, tough teen girl with adorable pretty girl, replace old, bird-like woman with pretty young model, replace corpse-like monsters with Slenderman. Yup, it's a Hollywood adaptation, alright. Also, they fact that Jacob is peculiar too is supposed to be a twist..
I loved the movie! It's great but... Hate to be that girl, but I have to admit the books are much better. Don't get me wrong, the movie was good, but the books are better (like Harry Potter).
I'm not alright with Eva Green in a movie without at least being 40% nude.


this movie was such a disappointment. went way too far from the book.
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Is this supposed to be based off the book? Was Olive written out completely? I want to like this but the original material is so good so I'm not sure why they are changing Emma's abilities and writing new scenes. This trailer confused me more than excited me. But still I will be seeing this movie..

Children+of+the+Salt+free softwareMiss Peregrine movie is a disaster in case anyone intended watching. Over hyped but stupid movie 😠I have the DVD and it is really entertaining!Of course none of the peculiar children are non-white and the villain is black!🙄🙄 How original!children version of the bibleTBH I think the movie is really great and I have read the first book, it's just the end that's way off, plus emma and olive's switch. It included a bunch of small details which is nice.

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This movie is really good can't wait for next show to come out which I know they will continue the story 🙂.

I don't like that Asa Butterfield doesn't have a british accent here :pIts a awesome movieAm I the only one who felt that Jacob's actor wasn't a very good choice? Seriously, he sounded sarcastic all the time and I feel like he didn't put that much effort into fitting the role of the character. It was the thing that bugged be from the beginning to the end and still a week later. They should've chose someone else to play him, I was extremely disappointed with the actor and how he played Jacob's role..

Tim Burton is in his own movie! If you're watching your dvds go to 1:41:37 and you'll see him. :Dchildren of the salt freeportchildren of the world rugwall map of the world for childrenchildren of the night dvdIts funny how big of a change they made from the book to the movie its almost like everything has been changed even the names and the sequencechildren map of the worldFor me the book was meh, and after watching this trailer, im afraid the movie would be meh as well...

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The movie is really bad compared to the books and i really hated the part when they swaped Emma and Olive...... :(What is the title of the song that play in this trailerchildren of the salt free downloadsalt of the earth dvd10/10 Because Tim Burton didn't use Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter for once. And because it's a mixture between X Men, Harry Potter and Slenderman. 👍🏻I watched this movie just yesterday at AMC..and I never eve heard of it until my mom said, Hey..that trailer looks interesting..let's watch that instead of Stork. Stork is the movie I was going to watch..

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children of the salt free moviesalt of the earth bookchildren of the salt freedom of speechchildren of the world ornamentsWith the release of the female spy-thriller #RedSparrow this coming weekend, we take a look back at the 2010 action-spy film #Salt starring Angelina Jolie!.

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Oh please. Just because some things are different doesn't mean they won't be good. Don't be so quick to judge, the movie looks fine.
Just saw the movie; not as dark as the book, but still pretty good.

salt of the earth productsIt's online nowChildren of the Salt free.frchildren of the world bookGood movie shame the main actor couldnt act on par with the the movie appropriate for a 10year old??? Are there any sexual scenes?children of the salt freewayWhy are they setting it up like Olive is Jacob's love interest? And since when can Olive blow air like that? AND WHY IS EMMA WEARING GLOVES???????the price of salt hardcovernice movie....go for wife is also a Peculiar ...:-)kidding

I watched this movie yesterday :-)

pictures of the salt lake city templeI guess Emma made a stop at the Library of Souls to exchange her power... What a shame. I was actually looking forward to this movie too.THIS TIM WOW IT ALSO SAYS IN IN ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS I LOVE EMMA AND OLIVE

wow the last movie really did change the X-men timelines.





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